This is the first public prototype of the JPilot project featuring the HeadQuarter networking framework.
The main goal is to demonstrate the reliability of the HeadQuarter engine together with it's very low resource consumption.

It is also meant to show the ability of Java games to be fully playable while still under heavy development.

Start prototype!

If the above link doesn't work, make sure you have Java 2, Standard Edition 1.4.2 installed.

As long as my maschine is up, you might find a server at Second, PuppyGames has agreed to host a permanent server which is the default if you start JPilot from here. Otherwise, create one your own using the as server checkbox and connect to your localhost.

Technical notes

JPilot is constructed around the HeadQuarter framework. Originally, HeadQuarter has be designed for a fullblown 3D environment like FlyingGuns. I created a second demo also in order to keep HeadQuarter versatile and - more important - to have something simple to experiment with. As a graphics engine, the fine 2D scenegraph implementation named Piccolo is used.

Feedback and download

Please send any feedback to me.

If you are interested in whats going on, you can also download the games sourcecode. Please keep in mind that this is prototype code and rapidly changing! Maybe it's not even complete.

If you don't like to use WebStart, you can also download the compiled jar files jpilot_signed.jar and the additionally needed vecmath_signed.jar.

To do