11/2007 Taking part in the NetBeans 6 advertisement campaign (see banner on the right :)).
30/09/2007 New blog entry: Head banging...
23/09/2007 New blog entry: A simple physics/dynamics stack
01/2007 Great honor: I was elected as a founding member for the NetBeans Dreamteam
01/2007 New blog entry: Little helpers for the editor
01/2007 New blog entry: My first CVS checkin 2007
12/2006 New blog entry: C with NetBeans on Linux ... check it out!
11/2006 New blog entry: What people consider interesting...
10/13/2006 New blog entry: MS FlightX, FlyingGuns and clouds in the sky
08/17/2006 New blog entry: Why I don't use Groovy: I just cannot.
05/11/2006 New blog entry: NetBeans, Eclipse, IDEA ... pah! VS2003!
12/11/2005 New blog entry: db4o and it's queries
10/29/2005 New blog entry: 'Close' icons on a JTabbedPane w/o UI interference
9/16/2005 New blog entry: L&F getting active! Substantially!
9/8/2005 New blog entry: Quick tabbedpane switching w/o sacrifying mnemonics
3/30/2005 New blog entry: A new DB benchmark in town
3/2005 Released the benchmark to the public: PolePosition
2/2005 Working on a benchmark for various OO and nonOO databases.
3/4/2005 New blog entry: Will federate databases die out?
2/14/2005 New blog entry: db4o - persistence made easy
11/22/2004 New blog entry: Functional Ant?
11/17/2004 Created an alternative client for the requirement tool Caliber RM using Swing and the JDNC project.
11/1/2004 New blog entry: µ-architecture - what's that?
10/22/2004 Co-working with James Gosling on Huckster, an easy to use presentation tool.
10/21/2004 Received the privilege to have a highly visible blog on java.net.
7/2004 FlyingGuns wins 2. price at Sun's Java Technology Game Development Contest
01/19/2004 An US artist created nice a portrait of myself (requires Flash).
01/13/2004 SourceForge.net Logo FlyingGuns is part of a SourceForge project now!
06/19/2003 I am looking for a new job! Please visit my profile or contact me directly.
06/17/2003New pages released
06/10/2003 Visiting JavaOne conference and presenting FlyingGuns as a 'Sun featured speaker' on the 'Video Game Summit'