FlyingGuns is 3D action flight simulator on top of a distributed simulation environment called 'HARDCODE HeadQuarter'.
I presented the game as 'Sun featured speaker' at JavaOne 2003!


A distributed simulation environment for Java.


A XPilot/Asteroids-like multiplayer game prototype also based on HeadQuarter.


Using input devices like joysticks or gamepads with Java.

Miscellanious Java Applets

Fun with physics

Same stuff as a two player game

Non-orthogonal coordinate systems e.g. for racetracks


A portable Forth development system for Motorola 680x0 supporting ANSI.
Source, documentation and tools included.

Storage Engine

The 'HARDCODE Storage Engine' is a database kernel, designed specifically to the needs of computer games.
Additionally it proved to be useful in other areas too, filling the gap between flat file and the big, full-featured database systems. It implements the paradigm of a library.
The system is already in use in a big, non-game project and as proven its capabilities, stability and performance.